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Visiting or Observation

Schools and organizations in Taiwan may contact the office of general affairs in advance to arrange with a receptionist for guided tours or for observation visits.

Foreign organizations, including Chinese ones, please do contact the office of general affairs in advance. We welcome all foreign friends to learn more about the current democratic reality of R.O.C as well as progress in Matsu.


The council accepts petitions in and off session.

All citizens or groups intending to submit a paper petition can contact the office of session procedures during office hours and the council shall arrange personnel for admission.

Office Phone Numbers

Main 0836-22755
Extension 216 • Speaker's Office
222 • Deputy Speaker's Office
111 • Secretary General's Office
112 • Secretary Office
105 • Office of Session Procedures
116 • Office of General Affairs
108 • Office of Regulation
109 • Accounting
107 • Administrator of Personnels
FAX 0836-22834
Observing Seats
▲ Observing Seats
The Council Floor
▲ The Council Floor
Speaker's Office
▲ Speaker's Office