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The Council



In accordance with the Local Government Act announced with the presidential order Hua-Yi No.880001786 on January 25th 1999, this council shall serve the following functions:

  1. Approval of regulations in this county
  2. Approval of budgets of this county
  3. Approval of special tax, special tax and additional tax of this county
  4. Approval of the disposal of county properties.
  5. Approval of self-government ordinance of the county government and its subordinate organizations.
  6. Approval of proposals made by the county government
  7. Approval of budget auditing reports of this county
  8. Approval of proposals made by county councilors.
  9. Approval of petitions by people
  10. Other rights and functions prescribed by laws.

Besides, during regular council sessions, the magistrate and all chief officers under direct supervision of the magistrate shall present reports and go under jurisdiction of this council.