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The Council


Brief of Lienchiang County Council

Lienchiang County Council is the highest public and legislative institution. The first County Council Meeting was held in 1994 and the venue was registered at the Council Building at No.146 Nangan Township FuShing Village Lienchiang County.

Among the 9 Lienchiang County councilors, 5 including a quota for women are elected in Nangan Township (南竿), 2 in Beigan Township,1 in JyuGuang Township, and 1 in DonYin Township. One tenure in office is 4 yeas. Councilors can remain in office if re-elected.
The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected by anonymous votes among all the councilors. Chairman is in charge of administrative affairs. Vice-Chairman is the deputy. When both Chairman and Vice-Chairman are not able to perform duties, a deputy is elected among the other councilors.

Regular Meeting is held every 6 months in May and November presided by Chairman. Temporary Meeting doesn’t last longer than 5 days each time and is held no more than 6 times every 12 months.

The Administration Office of Lienchiang County Council has a staff of 12. A Chief Secretary is in charge of meeting affairs and orders from Chairman, and administrating subordinates. Other staff are 2 secretaries, one Council Director with an assistant, one General Registry Director with 2 assistants, one Clerk, one Law Enforcement Director, one Accounting Director, and one Personnel Director.